Slovenia: The wine gourmets and their legal system

What is it like to be a lawyer in Slovenia, Ljubljana? What kind of legal services are most sought after by international clients? What tips and experiences are there for law students. ABOWI asks directly to the Slovenian lawyer Mitja Vidmar. Continue Reading

ABOWI asks lawyer Ralph Ertner from Cape Town, South Africa

ABOWI interview with lawyer Ralph Ertner from Cape Town, South Africa on cultural differences, globalization and advice to law students. Attorney Ralph M. Ertner advises prospective students to learn as much as possible in practice. Continue Reading

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) rules for the second time on the protection of LEGO building blocks

Attorney Daniel Sebastian from Berlin (managing director of ippc law) to the legal disputes with which the LEGO stones are to be legally protected, is the imitation permitted? What is to be considered with the trade with genuine and imitated stones? Continue Reading

Competition law amendment successful from the viewpoint of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology

Competition law must be constantly adapted to changes in the economy. Politicians react with amendments to the law, the effectiveness of which must be monitored in the aftermath. Analysis of the 9th and 10th amendments to the GWB. Continue Reading