Globalization process for world nutrition

Future of Food – Research and knowledge transfer on the topic of human nutrition is being discussed globally. As the demand for food will increase more than the available arable land, an openness for new technologies must be assumed. Concepts like Vertical Indoor Farming can contribute to this? Continue Reading

Ville contre campagne : évolution mondiale

Chaque mode de vie présente des avantages et des inconvénients. Des phases de vie pour la vie rurale et des phases de vie pour les avantages de la ville et de la métropole. Mais quelle satisfaction de vie est éveillée dans chaque cas ? Continue Reading

Economic systems: Challenges of digitalization, globalization and climate

Competition for the best jobs and the best workers worldwide. Digitization, globalization and automation are transforming economic systems and thus society. The transformation in the world of work affects companies, managers, employees and lifelong learning – in conversation with Oliwer Mikus, entrepreneur recruitment agency. Continue Reading

Germany: Closure of hospitals and nursing shortage

How to close the care gaps, hundreds of thousands of caregivers care and the former baby boomers decades form the demand market. A demand market has emerged, with societies competing to recruit young talent in the international labor market. What is the experience of Oliwer Mikus, founder of Sedulus Staffing? Continue Reading