Globalization process for world nutrition

Future of Food – Research and knowledge transfer on the topic of human nutrition is being discussed globally. As the demand for food will increase more than the available arable land, an openness for new technologies must be assumed. Concepts like Vertical Indoor Farming can contribute to this? Continue Reading

Energy Consumption in Indoor Farming

With the Green Dome system, the MABEWO Group offers a future, weather-independent and sustainable production solution as a vertical farming principle. How does this work – in conversation with organic farmer Stefan Ruckelshaußen from Food & Energy Campus Groß-Gerau GmbH. Continue Reading

Biodegradable plastic from cassava

Waste reduction is in the global trend and is also followed at GrowExpress Ltd. from the beginning. The model farm in Nigeria focuses on sustainability and takes environmental protection very seriously. In conversation with Thomas Wegener, CEO of GrowExpress Ltd. Continue Reading