Wroclaw, in Polish „Wrocław“ welcomes ABOWI

ABOWI visiting Wroclaw with Dorian Duda, adwokat. His experiences studying and working across borders. Answers to the questions about studying, education, law, jurisprudence and his experience at the European University Viadrina, tips for future students. Continue Reading

Economic systems: Challenges of digitalization, globalization and climate

Competition for the best jobs and the best workers worldwide. Digitization, globalization and automation are transforming economic systems and thus society. The transformation in the world of work affects companies, managers, employees and lifelong learning – in conversation with Oliwer Mikus, entrepreneur recruitment agency. Continue Reading

Copyright: Legal capacity of human beings

Created Works and Copyright in Childhood – Children are both protected by copyright on their part when they perform creative acts. On the other hand, children must already respect the copyright of others. Parents, in case of doubt, are responsible for making sure that happens. Continue Reading